So bulbs are this months thing.  NXP have revealed their new GreenChip IP wise illumination option which enables individuals to “monitor, handle as well as manage every light bulb from any type of Internet-enabled device”. Their partnership with GreenWave truth brings intelligent illumination manage to CFL as well as SSL (LED) lamps with support for IP v4 as well as v6.  The low power IP hardware likewise includes support for other requirements including ZigBee.  inspect out the video below.

“What if every light bulb had its own special Web IP address? The possibilities are endless: You might monitor, handle as well as manage every light bulb from any type of Internet-enabled gadget — turning lights on as well as off individually, dimming or producing scenes from your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV — to save energy in addition to electrical energy costs. Your “smart lighting” network might have lots or even numerous appliances linked with a wireless network created for maximum energy savings, interacting info about their environment, about power usage levels, as well as alerting you to any type of problems. Today, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) is introducing its GreenChip™ wise illumination option that makes the Internet-enabled, energy-efficient illumination network a truth — not only for businesses, however likewise for consumers trying to make the most of energy cost savings in the home.

Beginning tomorrow at LIGHTFAIR International, NXP as well as partners as well as GreenWave truth will be showcasing a consumer-ready, Internet-enabled wise illumination network powered by the GreenChip wise illumination option in the NXP booth (no. 2823) as well as TCP booth (no. 2659).

“The GreenChip wise illumination option signals a essential shift in the method we interact with lights — at home, in the office, even outdoors,” stated John Croteau, senior vice president as well as general manager, power illumination options as well as high performance RF, NXP Semiconductors. “By bringing together wireless IP connectivity with our energy-efficient illumination as well as power conversion technologies in a compact, affordable solution, we are transforming the method we design, manage as well as handle lights. For private consumers, wise illumination indicates extremely personalized, intelligent illumination environments — lights that turn on as well as off when as well as where you requirement them, at the preferred level of brightness — while saving power as well as electrical energy costs. Our wise illumination option likewise brings us one step better to the ‘Internet of Things’ — a world in which every house appliance can be monitored as well as managed by means of an IP address — at a extremely compelling cost point for consumers.”

GreenChip wise illumination innovation – NXP’s GreenChip wise illumination option reduces the requisite electronics to the size, expense as well as power usage to in shape in an daily light bulb. It brings together wireless IP connectivity, energy-efficient illumination as well as low standby power (down to 50mW) in a compact, affordable solution, which allows new methods to manage lights as well as handle energy consumption.

The GreenChip wise illumination option is offered in two versions — GreenChip iCFL for compact fluorescents as well as GreenChip iSSL for LEDs — as well as currently includes:

The GreenChip iCFL or GreenChip iSSL chipsets, which function as extremely efficient, dimmable motorists for wise lamps
An ultra-low-power standby supply controller with 10mW no-load capability; standby power is especially important in wise illumination applications where lamps are constantly “listening” for the command from the individual and/or network
A 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 standard-compatible wireless microcontroller with a Tx/Rx present below 17mA
Low-power, IP-based wireless connectivity enabled by JenNet-IP network layer software

JenNet-IP Network Drives house as well as industrial Connectivity – GreenChip-enabled light bulbs will be able to operate on the exact same wireless sensor networks consumers may be utilizing at house for energy metering, wise appliances as well as safety systems. NXP’s JenNet-IP network layer software application supplies the ultra-low-power wireless connectivity in the GreenChip wise illumination solution. JenNet-IP is a 6LoWPAN mesh-under tree network with low memory footprint, particularly targeting low-power IEEE 802.15.4-based networking for residential as well as industrial applications. based on NXP’s proven JenNet network protocol stack, JenNet-IP supplies a extremely robust self-healing tree network proven at over 500 nodes, supporting IPv4 as well as IPv6 with over-network upgradability. JenNet-IP is extremely secure, using 128-bit AES encryption with safe authentication as well as gadget joining, as well as will be made offered under an open source permit in Q4 2011.

Smart illumination Ecosystem – TCP, a leading maker of CFL as well as LED lamps in North America, has been an early adopter of wise illumination technology, as well as is utilizing the GreenChip wise illumination option for both its CFL as well as LED lamps.

“Driving new concepts for energy-efficient illumination is in our DNA. with our proprietary innovation as well as advancements such as our TruStart™ as well as TruDim™ CFLs which develop on custom-made TCP GreenChip CFL motorists from NXP, we’re able to match the high quality of light as well as individual experience of an incandescent lamp with as much as 20,000 hours of life. As a next step, we are establishing Internet-enabled CFL as well as LED bulbs easily accessible to mainstream consumers as well as industrial applications,” stated Ellis Yan, CEO, TCP.

GreenWave truth is introducing a breakthrough intelligent illumination manage as well as administration option based on the GreenChip wise illumination solution. GreenWave Reality’s IP-based platform wirelessly links GreenChip-enabled bulbs, running JenNet-IP software, to supply individuals with a feature-rich illumination application. The application can be utilized stand-alone or as part GreenWave Reality’s ingenious energy administration solution. The GreenWave truth option benefits both consumers as well as industrial clients by enabling them to save energy as well as simplify their lives by adding illumination wise Controls.

For instance, consumers can dim or turn lights on as well as off utilizing Home, Away, as well as night wise Controls from any type of combination of gadgets such as a PC, smartphone, as well as even a TV. The GreenWave truth option additionally simplifies consumers’ lives by prolonging the illumination wise Controls to work with sensors without needing any type of re-wiring of the home. As an example, a wise manage can change indoor illumination according to outside illumination conditions. other wise Controls can immediately turn lights off when nobody is in a room. Similarly, these improvements are prolonged to industrial as well as hospitality clients who can minimize continuous illumination as well as associated maintenance costs with this advanced illumination manage system.

“Consumers as well as industrial clients now can quickly as well as expense successfully minimize their energy usage connected with lighting, saving them money, simplifying their lives, as well as making a positive effect on the environment,” stated Greg Memo, CEO, GreenWave Reality. “GreenWave truth — in conjunction with the GreenChip wise illumination option — redefines illumination by supplying an advanced manage as well as administration option developed on a scalable, IP-based platform.””  :  :  Wireless LED ‘Google’ Bulb

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