Iro is a new smart controller for home sprinkler systems.  It automatically changes your watering program based on a variety of variables which include weather, soil type, plant type, shade, slope and more.

Iro can replace any standard sprinkler controller and the Wi-Fi enabled unit will change from a dumb time based program and will proactively work to calculate an optimised watering schedule.  The system learns over time the a lot more you use it and the makers pledge a greener lawn using less water.

The first production run of Iro will be available in spring 2014 with an introductory price of $199 for the 8 zone unit and $249 for the 16 zone.  Check out the video below…

Install and connect – Replace your old controller with ours and then connect it to your WiFi using the Rachio smart phone app.

Automate or control – Rachio has auto-scheduling, weather intelligence and analytics built in, so your controller runs itself, but feel complimentary to take control of it at anytime, from anywhere.

Auto scheduling – Rachio sets a schedule for you the second you connect the Iro. It customizes the schedule based on your location, taking into account regional attributes and possible restrictions.

Quick conserve – Up to 50% of residential irrigation water is wasted. quick Conserver quickly helps you save water and money on your next statement.

Control from Anywhere – Whether you’re out testing sprinkler heads in your yard or vacationing in the mountains, Rachio lets you control your sprinkler system from anywhere

Weather intelligence – Weather can be unpredictable. Rachio has your back and adjusts the Iro accordingly so that your system is optimzed around rain, wind, and humidity.

Smart Cycle – Soils vary by region and require different watering patterns. smart Cycle schedules best practice watering cycles for your special location.

Analytics and reports – See how much water you saved month-to-month with individualized water reports. Track your usage and become an eco-hero.

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