Q. I’m planning to take out the linoleum floor in my cottage kitchen. Can you suggest a colour to paint the plywood underneath? I’m painting the wall panelling white. as well as I’m going to replace the light fixtures; what style of fixtures do you believe will work here? The ceiling is only 8′, so something that hangs as well low may not work.

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A. paint it all.

Although the ceiling is a bit on the low side, your kitchen area looks extremely spacious. improve that by painting the walls, doors, trim, cupboards as well as ceiling a soft green, like Beauti-Tone’s stone massage (5K1-2) (shown) to brighten the area as well as add more rate of interest than white. painting your plywood floor is a excellent concept — it’s an simple as well as low-cost method to provide it a casual, rustic feel that’s perfect for a cottage. Beauti-Tone’s Innocent Eyes (4K3-4) (shown) is a few shades darker than the new wall as well as cupboard colour as well as will add subtle contrast on the floor.

And try to have fun with the space! paint one of the doors with Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint (shown) as a location to publish weekend menus or for guests to leave messages.

In with the old.

I like schoolhouse pendants, like the one from Sescolite (shown), since of the vintage-industrial high quality they add. If you’re able to set up new electrical boxes, suspend a pair of them over your island, as in our motivation shot. They’ll fit the somewhat unfitted look of your kitchen. If you can’t quickly set up new boxes, replace your present fixtures with low-profile flush-mount ones like the Roderick in Deep Patina Bronze by Robert Abbey (shown) to clean up the ceiling.

Increase storage.

Right now, it appears like your variety hood is just floating on the wall. replace it with a more considerable model, like Broan’s RM52000 chimney hood (shown), then set up two rows of Ikea’s Ekby Järpen shelves as well as Valter brackets (shown) on either side for storage.

Finishing touch.

The soft eco-friendly as well as grey tones as well as traditional stripe of the Neema table linens from Danica studio (shown) will tie in with your new combination as well as look excellent on your island.

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1. Schoolhouse pendant, Sescolite. 2. RM52000 chimney hood, Broan. 3. Roderick fixture, Robert Abbey. 4. Neema table linens, Danica Studio. 5. Paint: stone Massage, (5K1-2) (left), Innocent Eyes (4K3-4), Beauti-Tone. 6. Chalkboard paint, Rust-Oleum. 7. Ekby Järpen shelf, Ekby Valter brackets, Ikea.

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