A couple of weeks ago Sherry and I found ourselves house hunting in some of Richmond’s lowest income neighborhoods. We weren’t trying to find Casa Petersik part Dos, but rather trying to spot the handiwork of Richmond’s better housing Coalition. and let’s just say it wasn’t hard to see.

The better housing coalition has been creating quality budget-friendly housing in Richmond for over two decades. They first arrived on our radar two years ago when we made a decision to share some prize winnings with a local housing charity. We asked a few non-profit-involved pals who they thought was a worthy cause and everyone said their name. Every single person we asked! Handing over some much deserved cash to them was a no brainer, and it felt so good.

And their name popped up again recently when they invited us to take a excursion and see some of their good work in person. who are we to pass up a chance to see some inspiring before and afters? especially when they’re for the greater good!
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So T.K. and Jane from the better house coalition drove us through Richmond neighborhoods like Church Hill, Union hill and Manchester perusing streets peppered with homes that could use some love… and ones that the BHC had already shown some TLC. Whether they’re restoring an existing structure, building something from scratch or planning entire communities, they create stunning places that real people (teachers, firemen, nurses) can afford to live in, even on a modest salary.

And they’re not just any old cookie-cutter houses. They’re sure to stay true to the historic character of their neighborhood and a lot more recently are being built sustainably, including earth Craft certification, which indicates these homes set the eco conventional and require far less energy (and utility payments from their lucky owners).

During our excursion we heard lots of excellent facts, feasted our eyes on lots of stunning homes and saw that there’s still lots of work to be done. The excursion reminded us that having a home to love is a blessing to be grateful for…. and that we’re very grateful for organizations like the BHC who are taking on the task of reviving old neighborhoods and passing that blessing along to the lucky new homeowners.

Long story short: we’re honored and ecstatic to continue our support of the better housing coalition here in Richmond. and while we’re on the subject of supporting local charities, we’d love to hear about groups in your area that do any and all work that you’re pleased to support. When it pertains to passing the buck (in an oh so good way), who gets your hard-earned benjamins or your volunteer time for that matter? Spill the good samaritan beans.

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