This new video system connects to a TV or Projector’s VGA or DVI port and allows the PC screen (up to 1024 x 768) to be display on the TV/PJ wirelessly through 802.11 b/g WiFi.

“EchoView revolutionizes how projectors are used. The adapter connects to a projector’s VGA or DVI port and enables a computer to display to the projector without any cable. presenters no longer are limited by the cable television length from the computer to the projector.

CD-less chauffeur download and Installation – Unlike any product in the market, EchoView allows first time installation to be completed in just seconds. When powered on, the unit will show up as an available wireless network connection on the computer’s network setting. user simply clicks on the connection to initiate communication to the adapter. Upon user’s confirmation, the software chauffeur will then be automatically downloaded and installed to the computer through the wireless network. To send video to the unit and the projector, the user simply launch the chauffeur application by double clicking on the chauffeur icon. There’s no need to set up IP address, DHCP settings.


Send comptuer video (up to 1024 x 768) wirelessly to video displays

Works with VGA or DVI projectors, CRT monitors, flat panels, or TVs

Compatible with wireless (802.11 b/g) enabled PC (no additional hardware required)

Plug-and-play installation with chauffeur installed from the product (no CD)

Presenter no longer needs to be close to the projector (not limited by cable)

Access Internet or local area network (LAN) through on-board 10/100 Ethernet interface

Compatible with Intel-based Mac’s (requires installation of Apple Boot Camp and Windows XP)

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