Russian developers, iRidium Mobile, have just released the new version of their house automation manage application.  offered on a variety of platforms, – most notably now the iPad as well – the system can be utilized to manage AMX, EIB/KNX, ABB, Berker, GIRA, Jung as well as Modbus with DALI , X10 as well as Domintell protocols in the works too.  iRidium can likewise manage XBMC, with support coming in the near future for Boxee, Windows Media center as well as Apple TV…

The app currently appears to be free for testing as well as $160 to purchase (full version free to house as well as industrial automation systems installers).  While this is an extraordinarily high cost for an app, a routine AMX touchscreen can expense many countless dollars.

“We introduce you a new version of iRidium program for AMX as well as iPad / iphone / iPod. The new version is offered on AppStore! iRidium transforms the iPad / iphone / iPod into the “native” AMX system manage panel.  iRidium enables you to operate such subsystems as: lighting, heating, climate control, video-surveillance, security, audio-video, multimedia-server.

Also iRidium enables you to utilize an existing style produced for AMX panels. This style will be packed on iPad / iphone / iPod as well as you can promptly operate your house automation system after that.

At the exact same time all AMX panels functions as well as abilities (such as dynamic elements, animation, translucency, sound, video output) are available. In addition, all Multi-touch screen iPad pluses are added.

Thus, if you already have an AMX panel for your house automation system controlling, it would take no more than 10 minutes to turn iPad into a similar panel. At the exact same time practical as well as interface of the new panel will be the exact same as an AMX panel has.
AMX system is managed via Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS.

Capabilities of a new version iRidium for AMX as well as iPad / iphone / iPod:

Support of XBMC media-server

Support of video in JPEG, MJPEG formats

Support of graphical interfaces, dynamic manage elements, animation, translucency

Support of extra devices operating (Kramer, GlobalCache, KeyDigital, Extron, IRTrans, etc.)

Documentation as well as directions for iRidium’s setting are already available. now you can set up iRidium much easier.  At the present time, a free iRidium version for testing as well as work presentation are offered for installers.”   :   iTunes Link

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