Here’s the new MVP-9000i from AMX.  A 9” widescreen LED-backlit touchpanel for control and automation that uses what’s described as a “next-generation user interface that supports finger-swipe navigation and animated page transitions”.  The unit has full Ethernet connectivity when in its PoE docking station, plus wireless 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi when on the move.  There’s a built-in speaker, microphone, USB and Micro-SD slot too.  The MVP-9000i is available in white or black, has over 1 GB of useable flash memory and supports up to 6 hours of continuous use on its battery.  full pr after the jump…

Gesture Navigation and Animated page transitions take control to another level – AMX, the leading provider of services that simplify the implementation, maintenance and use of technology, has showcased the most recent edition to its award-winning Modero touchpanel range – the 9” widescreen MVP-9000i. delivering a new level of user experience, the sleek MVP-9000i is equipped with the very newest developments in touchpanel technology and boasts a next-generation user interface that supports finger-swipe navigation and animated page transitions.

Designed to deliver the flexibility demanded in today’s commercial and residential applications, the MVP-9000i combines the speed and safety and security of a wired Ethernet connection, with the freedom of an 802.11 a/b/g wireless connection. It’s engineered to automatically switch between Ethernet connectivity when docked and WiFi when out of dock, delivering both tabletop and in-wall control. To guarantee exceptional mobile functionality it provides 802.11 a/b/g WiFi with antenna diversity and powerful wireless safety and security features ideal for banking and corporate settings. support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need to pull a separate power cable television for the docking station.

“The MVP-9000i considerably advances touchpanel capability and enhances the way users interact with control and automation touchpanels,” said AMX chief technology officer Robert Noble.  “Finger-swipe animated page transitions, fantastic 24-bit colour display and a range of other developments combine to deliver an unrivalled and intuitive control solution.”

Seemingly every feature conceivable for next-generation conference rooms and home AV installations is at a user’s fingertip, including VoIP intercom, 85-degree wide-angle seeing in all directions, built-in speaker and microphone, USB stick and Micro-SD slots.

“When AMX set out to engineer the Modero 9000i our goal was to deliver the finest touchpanel in both performance and experience,” said Kevin Morrison, Managing Director, AMX Europe. “The result is the industry’s first LED-backlit touchpanel which is both energy efficient and mercury totally free and it boasts a level of functionality which is unsurpassed.”

AMX provides a line of extensive system design platforms for any level of installation and ease of setup, all of which are supported by the MVP-9000i, including: AMXmeetingroom, AMX VisualArchitect and AMXhome.”

The list price of the MVP-9000i is £3,755 and is available as part of an integrated AMX system.  To learn much more please visit

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