The open source media player for the Mac formerly know as OSXBMC has a new name – Plex.  In the words of developer Elan – “Think Mediaplex, Movieplex, but more than movies and media, obviously…..The suffic “-plex” actually means “comprising a number of parts”…

“As most of you know, we’ve been searching for a new identity since we split from XBMC. names aren’t easy to come by, and domain names are even harder. We received some terrific ideas from our user base (Meteor Center, Media Hugger, etc.). ultimately though, we wanted a name that was easy to communicate, a bit more abstract, and less tied to media or center.

The one name that stuck was Plex. I like it because it evokes “cineplex” and the suffix means “comprising a number of parts” which the application certain does. In mathematics, you use the suffix to mean “ten to the power of the number” (e.g. oneplex = 10).

Because there are no four-letter domain names left (seriously, try to find one!) we decided to square the plex, so to speak. think of either plex^2 or plex squared (the beta logo below tries to connote the word “plex” inside a square that might represent a TV screen). The domain names are,, and for good measure. They are not active yet.

In the coming days, we’ll be working on the rebranding process, including the application packaging, logo, web domains, etc. In the longer term, we have some exciting things in the skin department as well. stay tuned, and thanks for all your support; we really are lucky to have such an terrific community.”

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