As one of the huge forces in the house automation world we were thrilled that the KNX Association Director Joost Demarest kindly agreed to take time out of his hectic routine to response some concerns for Automated Home….

1. Hi Joost, can you tell us a bit about your background as well as what led you into the interesting world of house automation?

I really celebrated in September my 20 years at KNX Association: in 1992 I was hired as accreditation assistant to set up as well as run the KNX accreditation plan for products as well as training Centers, as well as ended up being in 2006 the director System & Administration.

The 20 years clearly underline that still besides this time, the area of house as well as building automation stays a extremely difficult topic, where there is still rather some work ahead of us, to make house as well as building automation ubiquitous.


2. For somebody that’s maybe new to KNX, can you explain what it offers to house owners as well as the different technologies it employs?

KNX messages can be transported over 4 different media: the primary medium is an own Twisted pair solution, however telegrams can likewise be sent wireless (868 MHz), on Powerline in addition to encapsulated in an IP frame. KNX has not only standardized its protocol, however likewise the configuration procedures for products. two flavors exists: the most utilized is by means of the maker as well as application independent software application package, called ‘ETS’ (Engineering tool Software), already in its 4th generation. The other configuration possibility is without the assist of a PC, a configuration called ‘easy installation’, i.e. with the assist of a central controller or by means of push buttons on the products to choose the channels of sensors as well as actuators to link. Last however not least, beneficial data in the telegrams need to be encoded according to the KNX standardized data types for functions for which such a standardized option exists.

3. one of the very best things about KNX is the number of new products being added all the time. Can you provide us some figures on the number of different KNX gadgets now offered as well as some examples of the variety of utilizes they can be put to?

Currently there are a lot more than 7000 licensed products on the market, utilized in different application domains ranging from Lighting, sun shading, security, HVAC, Monitoring, Metering, tons shedding, Scheduling, Audio control, …. etc.

4. In an age where privacy is ending up being ever a lot more important, what tactics are KNX employing to safe the house manage network?

KNX has undoubtedly acknowledged that in conjunction with wise metering as well as wise grid, the possibility to safe the material of KNX messages will be a lot more as well as a lot more demanded, particularly when utilized on open media. For this, a working group of a number of makers is establishing new specs for a KNX Secured Application Layer, which is expected to be published by the end of this year.

5. lots of of our visitors are technically capable of installing a KNX system in their own house. nevertheless they are deterred by the extremely high expense of the software application needed to program the system (many other systems offer complimentary software). Is this a mindful decision on the part of the KNX association to keep out diy installers or do you have any plans to make it much easier for us to in shape KNX in our own homes?

Since the introduce of the ETS 4 software, a complimentary of fee version can be downloaded from our web pages: in contrast to previous generations of ETS, this version now likewise uses bus access, indicating newcomers can not only view the tool however likewise work with it, without any type of needed investment. The only drawback is that jobs are restricted to 3 devices.

There is nevertheless a version called the ETS 4 Lite, that comes at only 100 €, which enables the style as well as configuration of jobs of as much as 20 devices: if utilizing multi-channel KNX devices, already with this version, a moderately equipped single household house can be equipped.

When somebody is successful with the ETS 4 Lite version, he can upgrade to the full version, an investment that will then quickly pay off when doing adequate projects.

6. We understand rising energy expense have driven the rate of interest in home automation technologies in recent times. will this continue to be the main motorist for wise house innovation or do you see adoption rates rising for other reasons?

This is for sure one of the driving factors: nevertheless the truth that a lot more as well as a lot more people are the lucky owner of a “smart” phone, clearly assists them accept a lot more quickly the idea of “smart” homes. as well as such wise phones can additionally be utilized to manage wise homes!

7. Do KNX systems interface quicklyto renewable energy sources like PV Solar as well as Wind?

Currently, there are no PV Solar or wind turbines with direct KNX connection yet, nevertheless there are business that offer products that can gather info from renewable energy sources by means of RS232 or RS485 interfaces as well as which likewise have a KNX connection. In this way, both worlds can be quickly connected, whereby info from renewable energy sources can be utilized to initiate tons shedding in KNX houses or buildings as well as boost energy efficiency. next to that, by means of KNX the right working of the renewable energy sources can be monitored.

8. The lack of interoperability between lots of of the house Automation standards continues to hold back its mass adoption. Do you see any new technologies emerging that will enable much easier translation of data from one system to another?

There is still a exceptional high number of house automation options that are proprietary. even options that are based on already offered requirements do not always result in products that make sure multi-vendor interworking. Interoperability is a remove possession of KNX, where high effort is put in ensuring the strict utilize of KNX standardized data types in KNX licensed products. In this way, the individual recognizes the KNX trademark as a token for true interoperability between material of different vendors as well as across different applications.

9. As the smartphone as well as tablet ended up being the interface of option for the smart house in the 21st Century, are there any type of new KNX advancements in the works you can tell us about?

As already stated before, the wise phone as well as the tablet is a remove enabler for KNX: with the assist of the KNXnet/IP protocol, the tablet or wise phone can quickly be converted into a remote system controlling all functions in a KNX installation or picture any type of specifies in the installation.

10. thanks for answering our questions. Where must our visitors visit to discover out a lot more about KNX?

A great source of info is of program our web site ( however likewise the KNX Journal – our bi-annual magazine – is a great source to comply with KNX developments. Interested persons can likewise send an e-mail to us ( to be informed with our routine electronic newsletter.

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