If, like me, you are of a certain age, then you probably have some odd black disks gather dust in your loft. maybe your children have seen them and asked what they are?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve explained that they are “like big CDs”. as well as your old vinyl collection you probably have plenty of old cassette tapes too, which isn’t very convenient in today’s digital world of iTunes, iPods and wireless streaming media players.

But concern not, for help is at hand. You could soon be listening to all your old favourites again with the help of these two new devices.

1. The USB Turntable
Plug this little turntable into a USB port, and using the complimentary Audacity software you can begin to convert your record collection to digital format. featuring adjustable gain, anti-skating control and high-speed vinyl recording function, the belt-driven USB Turntable can also be connected to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary inputs. This turntable can manage both 33.3rpm albums and 45rpm singles. There’s even the ability to play granda’s old 78s with the addition of an optional stylus. available to get online HERE

2. The Meritline DIGI Deck Plusdeck2 C
The PlusDeck 2 is a cassette deck for PCs – it’s an internal drive that is installed in a 5.25 inch bay (similar to installing a CD-ROM Drive). It’s a full logic tapedeck which plays and records with automobile reverse (you can play or record on both sides of a tape without having to eject it and turn it over). This allows you to convert, save, and edit sounds from tape to your PC. transfer old tapes to CD, DVD, or MP3 player. also you can use it to record MP3s (podcasts for example) onto cassettes. USB twin Cassette Deck available Here


Range of USB Turntables here :  range of USB CassetteRecorders HERE

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